Important items to get before SHTF...Must have medical equipment for the...

Why massive fear over new COVID variant Omicron seems UNNECESSARY

Watch Newsmax LIVE on YouTube | Real News for Real People

It’s Time to get BACK to AMERICA FIRST Policies | Rep. Madison Cawthorn ...

News...Russian Zircon missile in production bad for the US...China takes...

Enes Kanter probably won't be invited to Biden's White House: Gingrich

Joe Concha blasts media over Hunter Biden diamond scandal: 'He is untouc...

Moore: Covid lockdowns are 'ineffective' in combatting virus

China Threatens Targeted Economic Disruption: The Daily SA for Monday, 2...

Townsends - YouTube

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GBN Classic - YouTube

GBN Classic - YouTube



Half Gallon Jar Sealing Chamber and Other This~N~That

No Vax, No Food/Fuel in India - Food Withheld to Force Vaccinations

ThePatriotNurse - YouTube

Is it a tragedy or a blessing to our preps?

Solar Filament Eruption, Cold Climate Bomb | S0 News Nov.29.2021


High Tunnels are WHERE It Is AT For the FUTURE

It's political malpractice not to talk about this: Lindsay Graham

Life AFTER Covid

CEO explains how government-induced inflation is RUINING us

How lessons from STAR WARS can guide today’s political problems

Let Them Be Little

The “Anti-FACEBOOK” Platform: MeWe | Founder Mark Weinstein | Huckabee

Is OMICRON the big one? They want you to believe it is!

Freeze, Flight or Fight...Which one are you?

27 Chinese planes enter Taiwan's air defense buffer zone few hours ago.

2 Billion of your money given away....Some going to our enemy.

Republican strategist on Biden presidency: 'The party in charge is leade...

I would give Biden a grade worse than F: GOP congressman

Big Quake Predicted, Science Assault, I Lost a Friend | S0 News Nov.28.2021

Judge Jeanine: Leftist DAs and legislatures are endangering America

Joe Manchin Worries Exports Of Natural Gas May Be Hurting America

Jesse Watters: Anti-Biden chants sweep the nation

Will This Massive Missed Opportunity Lead To Catastrophe?

What We Hand Down To Our Children

Food Storage: Not Just For Preppers

Can You Rely on Your Neighbor? - Small Community Living

Early Glassware - Live In The Nutmeg Tavern!

TUNE IN: Rep. Madison Cawthorn, Founder of MeWe Mark Weinstein, The Isaa...

Are you living in fear? And dealing with sickness.

Making Thanksgiving GREAT Again! | Monologue | Huckabee

You Can't be Pro-God Unless You're Anti-Marxism | Phil Robertson

Governor Hochul declares state of emergency in N.Y.

The Best FREE Mulch

Dollar Tree Charlie Brown Christmas Tree 2021

Joe Pera Reads Nicholas Cresswell - Eating Raw Potatoes!

All Russian nuclear subs Pacific Fleet out to sea on alert duty.

Have a Little Talk with Jesus with lyrics | Acapella

Are You Washed in the Blood?

Alan Jackson - Are You Washed In The Blood? / I'll Fly Away (Medley/Live)

Home Free - In the Blood

Home Free - How Great Thou Art

Amazing Grace - Peter Hollens feat. Home Free

300+ Kids Sing A Cappella Style | Homeward Bound

I Believe In Christ / You Raise Me Up - cover by ELENYI & Cayson Renshaw...

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing / If You Could Hie to Kolob - by Eleny...

Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing- world premiere recording

"Until Then" (a military tribute) featuring "Homeward Bound"

It Is Well with My Soul | BYU Vocal Point (A Cappella)

This World is Not My Home

I'll Fly Away

In Christ Alone | BYU Vocal Point

Amazing Grace | BYU Noteworthy feat. The Bonner Family

ALARMS for ‘offensive’ language are being tested in classrooms NOW

How To Prepare YOUR Family for Coming Electrical BLACKOUTS | @Glenn Beck

UN giving $800 (YOUR MONEY) to migrant families as they pass thru Mexic...


Warrior Diet - Change your diet and change your life

Huckabee blasts Biden's hypocrisy with COVID travel bans

California 'encourages' shoplifting and crimes: Tammy Bruce

Bruce: Americans feel Biden crises intensify as president claims 'Americ...

Tucker: Americans won't forgive Joe Biden for this

ThePatriotNurse - YouTube

Carl Higbie: Secretary Mayorkas honoring law enforcement is so phony


Fauci Says Definition of ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Could Be Changed; People Ord...

COLD Weather ISSUES | Family Milk Cow | Big Family Homestead

NEW Variant causing Global Lockdowns…again.


Crime continues to rise with smash and grab gangs. Live stream tonight a...

The O variant

@Jason Whitlock: Democrats Have Nothing But Empty Promises for Black Ame...

Leftist Looters Are Terrorizing America | @LevinTV

The American People Will Keep and Bear Arms From Now On...Live With It

Let's Go Shopping - Live In The Nutmeg Tavern!

The path to totalitarianism never ends well

EU advises border closures over new Covid variant as European case confi...

WHO names new COVID-19 variant 'Omnicron' | REPORT | 'American Agenda'

New Variant found...Travel restrictions start...Stocks and oil fall....N...

SP1 spreading misinformation and being deceptive? No I am reporting wh...

Warning! The Coming Drug Shortages in the US

How God helped Glenn’s writer publish his once-lost dream

A Happy Stonemont Thanksgiving

Benefits of Ginger

Dennis Prager: Leftists talking about 'truth' is like illiterates talkin...

This CEO left the tech world to help CONSERVATIVES find jobs

Persephone Period in the Garden

Making lemonade out of lemons on this day of Thanks.

More evidence China is probably preparing for war.

Thanksgiving Isn't Canceled Whether You Like It or Not | Phil Robertson

Brian Kilmeade: San Francisco's looting 'free for all' is out of control

Kristi Noem: This is the true history of Thanksgiving

Belief that Thanksgiving is a ‘symbol of genocide’ is a flat out lie: Ev...

Newt Gingrich calls the Biden administration 'incompetent in every area'

Hero Pastor Saves Congregation From Gunman With Tackle

CME Coming, Quake Forecasting, Sun Disaster, Current Sheet | S0 News Nov...

Are Microwave Ovens Safe?


Sun Controls Climate | Part 4 - Global Warming

Preparing a Feast in 1820 - A Thanksgiving Feast - I’m Tired Now

1820s Feast - Thanksgiving After Party 2021

Ready for The RED WAVE? Rancher DEMOLISHES Beto O'Rourke's Career! | Bre...

Premier 1 Solar Charger: Alternative use

Judge Rules Covid Mandates Unconstitutional

The trucking shortage is about to get worse.

Hyperinflation hit Turkey today...It can happen in the US are you ready ...

Can building a SECOND INTERNET for free speech be done?!

National Guard Rebels Against Pentagon, Rejects Mandate After Sudden Cha...

What Will This Dangerous Biden Strategy Mean For America’s Future?

Global NATO Naval Exercises Underway: The Daily SA for Wednesday, 24 Nov...

January 6, the Movie: Exclusive Nick Searcy Interview on His New Film 'C...

CNN Must Pay: Why Kyle Rittenhouse Should Sue Media Who Lied About Him

'Adventures with Purpose' SCUBA Team Looks for Underwater Junk, Finds Lo...

Karma for Kyle? Waukesha Parade Massacre Highlights Untrammeled Evil of ...

Permanent Change: Big Retailers Close for Thanksgiving Again, Employees ...

News for the day...General mills announce up to 20% increase on food items.

ALDI Haul for Thanksgiving!

8 Year Old Jackson Sparks dies at the hand of a monster. "Say His Name"!


Biden shut down the Keystone XL. Is THIS pipeline next on his list?

War in 90 Days? NATO-Russia Brief

Simple Repair for a Punctured Tire

Ingraham: Liberals are now the intolerant ones

It Started with 12 Quail...Maybe It's More Than a Hobby After All.

The Disaster Cycle Persists, Record Star, Red Arcs | S0 News Nov.24.2021

Are YOU Prepared for a Short Term Power Outage? | Pantry Chat

'Salute to America' celebration with President Trump

LISTEN: Lee Greenwood, US soldiers release new version of 'God Bless the...

More Mandates and another hit to the Supply Chain!

Roger Stone: "Been there, done that"

Jim Jordan on the time he invaded Schiff's "bunker" | Eric Bolling The B...

Is it Time to Cut Out the Cities?

Dirtbags Among Us

The Media Proves TRUMP RIGHT: They're ENEMIES of the People! | Breakdown...

More on where to find medical preps

Where to start with medical preps

AWR Hawkins' Tips on Exercising Self Defense

The Non-Politically Correct Air Marshal Qualification: When Skill Matter...

Glenn: You can trust THIS science fully, without prejudice

News of the Day...Thomas Jefferson statue removed...Inflation in the UK....

Another Republican state win in the books: Varney

Russia's 8th Army Mobilizing Near Ukraine: The Daily SA for Tuesday, 23 ...

What The Rittenhouse Trial and Public Response REALLY Tells Us

Dirtbags Among Us


WEF Warns: Global Warming to Disrupt Financial System, "Freeze" Bank Acc...

Watch It Burn: How Progressives Destroy a Masterpiece to Create Rage Aga...

Herbs and More for Digestive Health

Is Biden cognitively fit to be president?: Jackson

TODAY Would Have Been A GOOD Day | Big Family Homestead

Waukesha suspect had been released on bail just days before parade tragedy

Most Extreme Plasma, C(lie)mate, Dust | S0 News Nov.23.2021


Hungry People are the MOST DANGEROUS People! -- Porch Time 2021

Levin: Media is causing incivility with its irresponsible Rittenhouse co...

Laura Ingraham: You can't make this up

SURPRISE Adventure | Big Family Homestead

Dont let them Divide and conquer us thats what they are doing.

Kyle Rittenhouse speaks to Tucker Carlson in first TV interview

DeSantis GOES OFF on Biden and Ridiculous Prices as Holidays Approach

Layering (a Patreon vid)

Huckabee: They just make it up out of thin air

How China ‘MALICIOUSLY’ released COVID throughout the world

PREPARE FOR WHAT'S NEXT | Meat & Potatoes of Sunday's Live Stream

We are watching society unravel.

AOC calls on Biden to bypass Congress to pass Build Back Better plan

Terrible breaking news....IRR Navy Sailors ordered to get the Jab immed...

It's Time to Get Very Serious About Being Prepared

Pumpkin Pie Recipe from 1797 - 18th Century Cooking

Congress Furious Over DOJ/FBI Deception & Abuse

U.S. Allies Cast Doubt On American Resolve: The Daily SA for Monday, 22 ...

The Left Goes CRAZY Over Rittenhouse Verdict | @Pat Gray Unleashed

Prepare for the Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever | @Stu Does America

How to prepare YOUR family for coming electrical BLACKOUTS


Sorry, Charlie: Subway Defends "100% Tuna" Sandwich Against "No Tuna DNA...

Inventory Shortages Cost Million$: Can 3-D Printing Keep Us Moving When ...

Prepper News of the Day...CVS closing 900 stores, Jabs for babies coming...

BREAKING NEWS...Rioting, protest, arms depot raided and weapons stolen i...

Attacks are Coming - Prepare to Defend Yourself

Joe Pinion: This was not Kyle Rittenhouse's burden to bear | 'Saturday A...

Ric Grenell: Senator Kennedy has nothing to apologize for | 'The Count'

Power Outages, Precious Metals, and Other This~N~That

How DARE the World Economic Forum try to write OUR OWN futures

Coffee With Bill 112121

REALLY Good Fertilizer STINKS!

Big Bright Regions Beckon Amid a Big Aurora Show | Solar Storm Forecast...

Holes at the Poles, Micronova, Climate Smackdown | S0 News Nov.22.2021


Vitamin D levels advised

Vitamin D, government inaction

Is the Supply Chain Collapse Imminent?

New York State link up video...Best leave the state but if you cant... f...

TX AG on migrant caravan nearing border: 'We aren't able to keep track o...

Rep. Jim Jordan thought Dr. Fauci was the WORST… until he met Merrick Ga...

It’s time to Unplug

Prepper News for the day...Russia/China joint air patrol....Israel start...

Left on the Run: Rittenhouse Verdict and Biden Decline Highlight Traject...

Judge Jeanine: Rittenhouse verdict had America breathing a sigh of relief

Kentucky Boys Jam on Some Bluegrass

Government’s Greatest Tool: False Flag Attacks/ Curtis Bowers

Exclusive — Peter Navarro: Goal Is to Put 'Sociopath' Fauci in Jail



There will be NO WARNING SIGNS before the dollar collapse

Gordon Chang: China believes the US is in disarray | 'Saturday Agenda'

Protests erupt in American cities over Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal


Do You Know the Difference? Shilling, Sixpence, Halfpenny?

The History of Money in America

Making a Working Class Breakfast in 1820

The Week Where the Centralized Government Goes After We the People

RIDICULOUS! Doctor Says CLIMATE CHANGE Cause of Asthma Attack | FOTM | H...

EcoHealth Alliance's Peter Daszak: Hero or Villain? | Matt Ridley | The ...

Turley on critics against the Rittenhouse case: The jury did exactly as ...

 Turley on critics against the Rittenhouse case:
The jury did exactly as it was designed
Video link:


 Use this link to find Population Density:

Demographic Statistical Atlas of the United States

EEHealy is creating Focus On Everyday and Eternal Preparedness | Patreon

Ingraham: Facts matter in Rittenhouse case

It's Time to Cut the Cities Out!

"Typical": Californians react to 'mainstream' Rittenhouse verdict headlines

The media desperately tried to destroy Kyle Rittenhouse, ultimately it f...

A HUGE Difference | Big Family Homestead

Grant Stinchfield: Does Kevin McCarthy think we're stupid?


Our Shortest Supply Chain is EATING FROM THE LAND!

Plasma Strike, Sun's Biological Forcing, Stand or Sit | S0 News Nov.20.2021

Tucker: This drives Democrats insane about Rittenhouse verdict

Is Smallpox something we need to be worried about?

Gov. Gavin Newsom comments on the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse

Families Go For Flu Shots, Are Injected With Pfizer Vaccine Instead | Fa...

Jen Psaki Drops GIANT BOMB on Unsuspecting Reporters | Live with Mike Cl...

Biden declared a 'rotten thing' about Kyle Rittenhouse: Charlie Hurt

Abiding Word - Christian Counseling - Bible Study - The Abiding Word - EEHealy

My Patreon Intro


Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY! Should he SUE the media now? | Live with Mi...


How Internet Destroys Society: Changes Our Brains to Obliterate Crucial ...

Radical Compromise: House Partisans Pass Bill Sealing Their Own Fate?

Want to Defeat Tyranny? The Epic True Story of America's FIRST Freedom F...

LIVESTREAM Rittenhouse Verdict, Psaki BOMBS, and Pelosi lookin ROUGH | L...

Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY! Get ready for the rioting!

Bill O’Reilly: Biden’s bill FIRMLY establishes our new NANNY STATE

Kyle’s Free, New President and Global Inflation!

Black Robe Regiment Rising

Locked Out of Space: Russian Attack Threatens Space Station, and Kessler...

My friend builds a real log cabin.

Did the FBI plan to go after anti-CRT parents ALL ALONG?

Traders and Peddlers - Live In The Nutmeg Tavern!

Meat Processors Warning on Shortages: The Daily SA for Friday, 19 Novemb...

Start of another world wide lockdown???? Austria leading the way towa...

Before You Invest in the Next Kitchen Gadget

Rudy Giuliani: Kyle Rittenhouse has not had a fair trial

Comic book artist quits amid company's woke push | STINCHFIELD

Disaster Battle, Bad Guys, Do You Belong Here? | S0 News Nov.19.2021

Hannity: Does NBC really regret stalking Rittenhouse jury

America’s strength is in its people: Ingraham

Biden comptroller nominee pressed on 'radical' positions at Senate hearing

Tucker: Actions like this threaten America's judicial system

FAKE Products To HIDE Empty Shelves

FDA Requests to Take 55 YEARS to Fully Release Vaccine Data: Federal Law...

Virtual Village: The Year Without a Summer

TERRIBLE NEWS: Biden Cronies are BUSY Behind the Scenes | Breakdown | Hu...


OldSturbridgeVillage - YouTube

Questions & Answers

Wind cold rain snow weather early Thanksgiving travel | AccuWeather

Wind cold rain snow weather early Thanksgiving travel | AccuWeather: AccuWeather forecasters are continuing to track the potential for a gathering storm to impact travelers who are venturing out to beat the holiday rush next Wednesday.

Dinner for one on the frontier. Fireplace cooking ASMR

After FBI Whistleblower Revelations, Merrick Garland Faces Serious Accus...

Rand Paul: Why do Democrats STILL IGNORE risky virus research?

Lauren Boebert Exposes the Democrats' Disgusting Double Standard | @Pat ...

Prepping isn’t just about yourself.

Fitting a New Axe Handle - Hand Tools - Townsends Wilderness Homestead

Where Did Covid-19 Come From?

Sham of the Century: Comey & Mueller Secrets Unburied - Sekulow TV

Important News...Lock downs for the unjabbed...Inflation is here to stay

China Report Calls For "Urgent Action" In Pacific: The Daily SA for Thur...

Could new drone video cause Kyle Rittenhouse to LOSE the trial?!

NOTHING Stopping US! Back to Eden 2022

Local Flooding and a Lesson in Preparedness

Crimes or Cover-Up? Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie

Jamie Dimon issued a warning by Missouri Treasurer


Disaster Cycle, Climate Tipping Points, Baby Star | S0 News Nov.18.2021