Mid May Front Yard Garden Update 2021


Worst AR15 magazines you can buy.

Hacked again? ..Colonial Pipeline has problems.

The Compassion of Israel

Disney & Coke Walk Back Diversity Training After Blowback: It's NOT a Wo...

Varney accuses Biden's Treasury Secretary of 'colluding with foreign gov...

Huckabee: Biden 'oblivious' to children traumatized at southern border

Maria Bartiromo makes big prediction about Biden's proposed tax hikes

WHY Do You CARE What I THINK? ~~ Porch Time 2021

Listen to the media expertly SPIN the Israel/Palestine conflict

QRF Battle Belt for Patriots, Militia & Preppers

Senate Orders ALL DOCUMENTS Turned Over in Nursing Home Investigation | ...

More Than Half-a-Million ACLJ Members Stand Up For Life

Is a grid down going to happen next?

Rant Warning! Where has the critical thinking and intelligence gone?

US cannot waver while Israel is being attacked: Rep. Waltz

Ben Carson warns of 'consequences' of Biden's big spending plans

'Time to end' federal unemployment programs that incentivize people not ...

Inflation return would be ‘devastating’ to Biden admin: Art Laffer

Biden’s immigration approach leaving many Arizonians 'furious': AZ sheriff

Stockfish: The Return (Unboxing)

Sailor Rations - Stockfish Aboard Ship

Is the Biden Administration Trying To Destroy America? | Pat Gray Unleashed

‘Impending Doom’ to Normalcy: Why did the CDC suddenly change the COIVD ...

COVID relief could have DEVASTATING impacts on Americans’ finances for y...

More bad news....Our military toughness and readiness keeps going down.

Early Warning Show for Monday, 17 May 2021

Will a Turkey HATCH a DUCK?

Hiding a year supply of toilet paper in the open.

We We REALLY Are | A Big Family Homestead VLOG

Expired Herbs, Amber Jars, and Other This~N~That

Trump Tariffs On Chinese Goods Succeed in Bringing Jobs Home...to Vietnam

Israel is fighting evil and we expect our allies to support us: Amb. Dannon

Fox News' Steve Hilton becomes US citizen

Giuliani: Pre-Trump FBI had no interest in me

6000 Year Half-Cycle Event, Space Weather, Climate | S0 News May.17.2021

How Much BETTER is “Trumponomics” Than “Bidenomics?” | Stephen Moore | ...

Trump supporter? You’re grounded | Michelle Malkin

Ep. 186 — A Hopeless Generation? | PragerU

General Predicts ‘QUIET EXIT’ of Military Dissatisfied With Leftist Poli...

Mark Levin: Israel Is Under Siege

Mark Levin: Living Under Israel's Iron Dome

Alan Jackson - Things That Matter (Lyrics)

Rising food prices causing sticker shock at grocery stores

Best way to store your food for bad times.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s Warped Narrative Suggests Terrorists Are Victims

Galactic Electric Field & Solar Micronova

We are going to have some fun. Are you ready?

Liz Cheney is acting like a Democrat | Jim Jordan

Haley to GOP: Quit Playing Nice & Double Down on Trump's Policies | The ...

Tucker slams leadership for allowing NYC to return to 'bad old days'

CME Impact Tomorrow, Climate Half-Fail, Galaxy | S0 News May.15.2021

Cannibal Chickens, BEES, and Homestead SPRING | A Big Family Homestead VLOG

Democrats vs Democrats: Biden's Clean Energy Dream Pits Unions Against E...


Democrats ditched Keystone XL to appease environmental lobbyists: Mulvaney

Tucker reacts to footage of 'spherical' UFO captured by Navy

Nancy Pelosi threatening to fine House members following CDC guidelines

Maria Bartiromo on inflation surge: Biden should have stayed out of the way

Pastor arrested for opening church speaks out

Newly Elected Conference Chair Stefanik Affirms Trump's Role in the Repu...

Auditors Find Omissions, Inconsistencies and Anomalies With Maricopa Cou...

Is pushback against Critical Race Theory & ‘Race Training’ WORKING?!

States are ending federal extended unemployment benefits

Sanders called out for promoting Hamas terror | Alan Dershowitz

Israel at War, Major Gas Shortage, & CRIPPLING Inflation… Everything's F...

Critics blast Cuomo's 'jaw-dropping' response to sexual harassment alleg...

Kudlow: Biden has nothing but problems

Bank of America says welcome to Hyperinflation!!

Bill O’Reilly: Biden EMPOWERED terrorists with AWFUL response to pipelin...

A drive through the city - and advice about "the hordes".

Special Guest, Cowboy Kent Rollins! - Live In The Nutmeg Tavern!

How COVID masks created a ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITION’ to fear others

Ways to Recycle Old T-Shirts

Ammo is easier to find in the last few weeks.

How Biden Bows to Iran and Squanders Trump Progress Toward Peace in Midd...

Tucker: Classic literature out. Sexual propaganda in.

No jab=non deployable=can be kicked out of military

Two Solar Eruptions, Earthquake Uptick, Climate Surprises | S0 News May....


Concerned Florida residents on Biden, DeSantis, reopening and schooling

The Socialist-Democrat Party, the home of hate in America | Chris Salcedo

How Biden, pipeline failures are about to hit you

Infrastructure HACKED What Can YOU Do ? | A Big Family Homestead VLOG

How I'm dealing with the fuel shortages and bridge shutdown...

There’s ONE way left the Fed can fix inflation. But here’s why they won’t…

Jordan Peterson: Why Staying Silent is WORSE Than Facing the Woke Mob

Preparing for what’s happening right NOW!

Heated Survival Shelter In The Palm Of Your Hand

General predicts ‘QUIET EXIT’ of military members dissatisfied with far-...

Mark Levin: Israel Is Under Siege

How To Make Healthy Fireweed Tea - Ivan Tea

Gas Pipeline Shutdown: Leftists Who Hate Oil Pipelines Suddenly Discover...


Rand Paul slams media for not asking Fauci the right questions

Mark Levin: Biden created inflation issues with ‘Marxist ideology’

Ramping Up Our Food Storage

Electrical Glitches, Solar Storm Effects, Nearby Nova Evidence, | S0 New...

Ron DeSantis grants clemency to 'Ingraham Angle' guests on live TV

Ingraham: Multiple crises expose weakness of Biden's leadership

Marco Rubio on Ilhan Omar tweet: She's out of her mind

Lindsey Graham says recent Biden statement is 'dumbest thing in the world'

Rick Perry warns of a 'catastrophic' summer if Biden doesn't fix energy ...

13% of Maricopa County Ballots Counted So Far; Background Checks Slowing...

Survey: Most Americans oppose Critical Race Theory. So why not take a st...

Kudlow: Biden administration is in 'crisis mode'

Michigan Governor is trying to shut down a critical pipeline for Canada....

Earth's Field Struggles in First Test of Solar Cycle 25

Gas Lines America

This Is Only Going to Get Worse - Should America Step In?

It just got WORSE...Major bridge is closed

Government numbers are a lie....Gas is gone...What to do next.

‘Our Nation Is In Deep Peril’: Ret. Military Officers Pen POWERFUL Open ...

Jim Jordan EXPOSES Dem Hypocrisy on Objecting to Elections in SAVAGE Moment

Welcome back to the 1970s | Cortes & Pellegrino

Rand Paul comes at Dr. Fauci again over China lab funding

How much swamp can we drain? | Mark Meadows

Dershowitz tells Newsmax TV 'Israel has a strong case'

"I stand proudly with Israel!" | Greg Kelly Reports

Farmer fights back against BLATANT RACISM from Biden administration

Acts: The Gospel of the Holy Spirit (Part 108)

Heavy Equipment and Sawing Lumber with Cody


When Money Dies: Hyperinflation in Weimar and the United States

Prepare for things to get worse - because they're going to.

How Disney’s new race training for employees RUINS Walt Disney’s dream

Son Learning HOW to Incubate Eggs/Teaching My Sons #7

Plant This Surprise Edible Under Your Fruit Tree | How to Start a Food F...

CME Impacts Earth, Two Special Reports | S0 News May.12.2021

Ron DeSantis has big warning for Biden administration

Hannity: Americans 'will pay the price' for Biden's energy agenda

Nigel Farage says 'collapse' of UK Labour Party puts Dems on notice

Ingraham: Kamala Harris still 'in total denial' over border crisis

Newt Gingrich sounds off on Biden for denying America's problems

Tucker: Amazon getting more aggressive with it's politics everyday

Preparing Our Garden Beds and Potatoes

Tucker blasts Biden for making a 'mess' of US economy

VP Harris should be dismissed, Biden should 'step up' amid migrant surge...

Closure of Northern Border 'Devastating' to Niagara Falls

White House admits pipelines are 'safest' way to transport oil

Sparks fly between Schumer, McConnell during election reform hearing

Why we need to know what happened in Wuhan Lab | Brian Kilmeade Show

Rand Paul on 'explosive' hearing with Dr. Fauci

A nation of laws no-more | Chris Salcedo

From Peace to Terror: Why Hamas Believes Now Is the Time to Strike

Why Is the Government Hiding the Capitol Riot Footage? | Pat Gray Unleashed

Ted Cruz ERUPTS on Democrats’ Latest Push for Gun Control

Rand Paul EXPOSES Dr. Fauci on Live TV in FIERY Moment

I was just hit with 29% inflation.

Prepare for things to get worse - because they're going to.

Fuel Shortages, Long Lines, Who attacked us?

How much power will F.E.M.A. have if a major disaster is declared?


Will the far-left use the pipeline cyber attack chaos to NATIONALIZE oil...

‘Sick and tired!’: Will rising inflation rates push America towards Colo...

5 out of 9 gas stations had no fuel this morning that I passed.

How to Deal with Cry-Bullies: Standing Up to the 'Woke' Mob as the Only ...

Tom Homan reacts to 'unbelievable' Fox News video of border crossings

Largest ransomware attack in US history targets vulnerable energy providers

Gen. Keane: Colonial Pipeline attack involves 'dark secret' with Russia

Misfits Market Organic Produce Unboxing

Why Rockets Raining Down on Jerusalem Should Matter to You

THIS is the Consequence of Weak Policy

CME Expected Tomorrow, Galactic Magnetic Wave Detected | S0 News May.11....

Dan Patrick: Border crisis is a 'disaster designed by Biden administration'

Lindsey Graham warns 'this is a dangerous time'

The Money Hammer Solution

Will You Be RESCUED? Porch Time 2021

Mike Huckabee 'stunned' Biden has yet to meet with GOP leaders

Newt Gingrich: Pipeline cyberhackers should be 'subject to death penalty'

Tucker reveals more 'damaging' Hunter Biden messages

KT McFarland slams Biden: America's enemies sense weakness

Parent Pleads With Those ‘Tolerating’ The Radical Left: ‘Woke-ism Will S...

What is going on with our Armed Forces?

Arizona Senate Tells Maricopa Officials to Turn Over Routers or Face Sub...

Why Rockets Raining Down on Jerusalem Should Matter to You

Morel Mushrooms Cooked Perfectly - Forest Food

IMPORTANT UPDATE on fuel pipeline shutdown.


Big Flares Return with Solar Storms Headed for Earth & Mars | Space Weat...

Get your gas now while you still can.

Pipeline and Refineries shut down. The Great Reset is all around us.

Glenn’s former bodyguard gives security ‘SECRETS’ to survive an emergency

U.S. Pipeline HACKED in cyber attack? It’s time to name China & Russia a...

Sheriff Mark Lamb on Biden's border backtracking | The Gorka Reality Check

Early Warning Show for Monday, 10 May 2021


The Money Hammer Solution

Portland Rioters Skate: Did Federal Prosecutors Fold in the Face of Lawl...

NYC veterans threaten legal action after being denied parade permit

Trump could have ‘groundbreaking’ legal theory against Facebook

Various Methods for Dehydrating Foods

Sun Erupts at Earth, Comet, Currents, No-Field Physics | S0 News May.10....

Grace performed in three part harmony!

Steve Hilton: Biden is 'brazenly exploiting the pandemic to centralize c...

What Democrats Were REALLY Looking For All Those Years | ICYMI | Huckabee


The abortion mob is coming...mark my words | Michelle Malkin

The FBI Has Been UTTERLY DISGRACED By This! | Huckabee

Can the American People Trust the FBI?

Authorities to 'quickly' investigate pipeline cyber attack: Sen. Blackburn

Urgent...Get your gas...Pipe line is shut down

How Trump Can DEMOLISH Biden Next Election | My 2 Cents | Huckabee

Jordan Peterson Knows Why We're Obsessed with Aliens | The Glenn Beck Po...


The New Christian religion - a Bible Study

Biden wants 'stunning' new IRS powers to track US taxpayers money flow

Stephen Miller: Joe Biden is violating the constitution

INFLATION Is Now and How Deal Better With It | A Big Family Homestead VLOG

Reloading beating the weather at the homestead.

BRACE FOR IMPACT: "About to get much worse."

DUCKLINGS don't have to be MESSY! We have a solution for that.

Solar Flare, Big Eruption, Preview the End of the World | S0 News May.8....

'Swamp Creature' Cheney needs to go | Grant Stinchfield

Michelle's at it again | Greg Kelly

Nearly one-third of troops opting out of COVID vaccine

Dan Bongino sounds off on FBI: Get your heads out of you butt

Tucker: Americans are being paid to stay at home

Ben Carson on critical race theory: What are we doing to children?

God's Frontiersmen: The Scots-Irish Epic - Episode 1.

The Appalachians: The Scotch-Irish / Scots-Irish

Weak jobs report I wonder why?

Bill Gates-Funded Company Releases Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in US...


 Tucker: Biden's pick to head ATF is an 'unhinged' man
Video link:


Pompeo: Why China is a Worldwide Threat

From Bondage to Freedom to Bondage.

Are you Prepared for Violence?

First, A Rant...Then, I'm Laying Down the Law, Folks

What Are They HIDING?! Democrats Are Trying To BLOCK Maricopa Election A...

The Outhouse! - Live In The Nutmeg Tavern!

Bill O’Reilly: Biden is making WORST possible moves for economy

McEnany: Harris being shielded from press in preparation for presidency

Do YOU have courage like this? Portland teacher STANDS UP to Antifa, CRT...

From Bondage to Freedom to Bondage.

Psaki SNAPS When Reporter Asks Why Kamala Harris Is Taking More Power

Tucker slams 'absolutely awful' CNN host who berated dancing bride

Lindsey Graham tells Republicans this is the biggest mistake they can make

Biden mentioned racial justice, not 'God' in National Day of Prayer proc...

Questions on Soap Making and Lye

When to Rack Your Wine and Mead

Important update on smart bottles

Census Shows What Democrats Hope and Republicans Fear Is NOT Happening

New Reports Suggest Last Year's Conspiracy Theories about COVID and Elec...

Schooling Liz Cheney: What is American Conservatism?

Affordable meal from left overs to survive the next Great Depression

Great Solar Change, Magnetic Universe, Big Sunspots | S0 News May.7.2021

She Says What SHE Wants | A Big Family Homestead VLOG

Grand Solar Minimum is effecting gardens already this year!!!

Why is gardening more important now than ever before.

VIRAL Police Cam Video Shows the TRUE Face of Racism | LevinTV

‘EQUITY’ vs ‘EQUALITY’ Explained: How This Marxist Ideology Could RUIN Us

What is your plan to feed your family if SHTF????

Best water storage containers for camping, bug out bag or home

Whitney Webb: AI and the War on Agriculture with Christian Westbrook (Un...

The Biden Admin Doesn’t Want You To See This Video

Is THIS how Marxists will destroy private property in America?

‘Crazy, CREEPY stuff’: Big Tech’s MONOPOLY over speech & how to dismantl...

Sun Erupting Again, Impossible Nova, Climate Forcing | S0 News May.6.2021

Jim Jordan: GOP 'for sure' has votes to oust Liz Cheney from leadership

Charlie Kirk: Activists want government to have power to 'criminalize' s...

Kayleigh McEnany blasts CNN's preferential treatment of Chris Cuomo

Pete Hegseth: Trump on Facebook was 'glitch' in media's matrix

Most important inexpensive item to store for long term survivability in ...


Race-Baiters Be Damned: 3 Big Lies About Racism DEBUNKED | Glenn TV | Ep...

Disable farmer denied aid based on race speaks out on 'Tucker Carlson To...

Trump Jr. slams anti-free speech Democrats: It's their blood sport

Pete Hegseth responds to Ilhan Omar's tweet about him

Newt Gingrich: Expanded welfare changes a whole culture

Lets talk about people being forced to do what they don't want to do.

Mark Levin: Standing Up to Marxism Is the Fight for America’s Soul

The CIA’s latest recruitment video goes FULL WOKE

Audit Official Says That Maricopa County Audit Could Last Longer Than Ex...

Climate Science Destroyed In 8 Minutes

The “Atrocious” Double Standard of Political Advantage

Is It Time to Abolish the FBI?

Jordan Sekulow: The FBI is Out of Control

‘Not Just About ME’: Police Officer suspended for LeBron James TikTok Sp...

The Cities are Collapsing - be ready

Segregation is coming! Passports for doing business if you don’t get the...

Federal judge overturned eviction moratorium...Great news