THAT Face! INOLI our NEW Great Pyrenees!

Bleeding the Plebs

Looters cheering, flames erupting | Michelle Malkin

Will I Support LAURA TRUMP For Senate? | My 2 Cents | Huckabee

Doin' it or Fakin' it?

I Can Only Imagine | BYU Noteworthy

How Great Thou Art | BYU Noteworthy (feat. Noteworthy Alumni)

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) | BYU Noteworthy (Chris Tomlin A Capp...

THIS is the new McCarthyism | Alan Dershowitz

Dangerous Tech Oligarchs Who Answer to No One | Glenn Greenwald | The Gl...

THIS Is Domestic Terrorism! Media Turns Blind Eye To Antifa, BLM & Borde...

THAT Face! INOLI our NEW Great Pyrenees!

Mark Levin: Obama’s RADICAL Legacy Continues To Haunt America

America Needs More Manliness, More Boldness, More GRIT | Phil Robertson

Are you Prepared for what’s coming? It’s coming whether you like it or not!

Excursion Extinction Studies, Volcano, Space Debris | S0 News Apr.17.2021

War 2

Don't Let the "What If's" Control Your Life!

Chieftain leads almost 300 pipers & drummers to the 127th Dufftown Highl...

CDC Director Refuses to Say Whether Illegal Immigrants Are Exempt from C...

James O'Keefe Gets Banned From Twitter After Exposing CNN. Lawsuit Comin...

China’s helpers, the American Press | Chris Salcedo

Democrats: How to Expose & Defeat the “Lying Left” | Breakdown | Huckabee

Homemade Hot Tent And Stove Update - Did they survive the winter?

YouTube Saved Me (and YOU) from the TRUTH! Thank You, I Feel Relieved.

Mark Levin: The Media and Dems Are Going All In on MOB JUSTICE

Planting Potatoes! Teaching My Sons #5

Jim Jordan calls out Fauci on 'Ingraham Angle': Tell us when we get our ...

Ric Grenell: Concerning signs coming out of Biden admin on foreign policy


Bill O’Reilly: Americans now realizing DANGERS of the progressive, far left

Andrew Cuomo's political fate, John Catsimatidis weighs in

URGENT: Battle Tracking Minneapolis Riots

Radical Left Caught Manipulating Intelligence

Dan Bongino SOUNDS OFF against latest ’STUPIDITY’ on police & guns

Yoga pants, pickup trucks and why our country is doomed.

Sun Waking Up, Massive Galactic Sheet, Disaster Trigger | S0 News Apr.16...

Channel Updates and Information

Two items to help you bug out quicker in the woods.

Big Tech is censoring the New York Post, again

The Chickens Need a Place to Hide from Aerial Predators in the Chicken M...

Tucker: The barrage of ongoing change continues

Media, Dems pushed 'debunked' Russia bounty story for months

Heartbreaking new images surface from Biden's border camps

Raise chaos, AND take our guns? | Rep. Lauren Boebert

Communist China, a government of thieves | Chris Salcedo

STILL Fake, STILL not news | Greg Kelly

Food & Job Shortages: The ’PERFECT STORM’ for Universal Basic Income?

Are you Prepared for what’s coming? It’s coming whether you like it or not!

Jim Jordan Gets Into EXPLOSIVE Fight With Dr. Fauci Every American Needs...

Covid Vaccines Suspended for Safety Concerns: We Told Ya So!

Republicans In The Senate TAKE NOTE! Maybe… | ICYMI | Huckabee

Will Democrats ever successfully PACK the US Supreme Court?

EXPOSED: How Islamists & Critical Race Theory proponents are WORKING TOG...

Biden manipulated intelligence, says Richard Grenell

RADEF Question

Nancy Pelosi Bio Shocker: 'Politics is Part of You', 'Every Minute of Ev...

HALF-MAD: Pew Study Shows 56.3% of Young White Liberal Women Diagnosed w...

Kristi Noem vows she won't accept migrant resettlement attempts in her s...

Democrat push for more Supreme Court seats ‘puzzling’: Former Clinton ad...

Geomagnetic Storm, Current Sheet Punch, Nova Feedback | S0 News Apr.15.2021

Cast Iron and Your Health

Season 16 - 18th Century Cooking - YouTube

Season 16 - 18th Century Cooking - YouTube: A channel dedicated to exploring the 18th Century lifestyle. Subscribe for hundreds of videos on 18th century living, cooking, clothing, and much more.Our We...

Season 17 - 18th Century Cooking - YouTube

Taiwan Shuts Down Farms to Build More iPhones - Destruction of Food Supply

It just got crazier....US on a downhill path.

MUST HAVE ITEM...If bugging out by foot

Tucker: Our leader are telling us 'shut up and obey'

Lawrence Jones: Left is trying to 'blow-up our current state of policing'

Critical Race TYRANNY: The Great Reset of Education | Glenn TV | Ep 100

Here it Comes: Digital Vaccine Passports Coming To California County | F...

Tucker, Judge Jeanine slam Democrat plan to pack Supreme Court as 'lunacy'

House, Senate Democrats plan to add 4 Supreme Court justices: Report

Global update

Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Pause: A Rare Blood Clot Called Cerebral Ven...

Things to stock up on now before it’s too late.

Vaccine on ‘pause’ despite the world NEEDING to move past COVID-19

Joe and Kamala are MIA, Cruz swings back at MLB | Newsmax TV's Wake Up A...

Jason Whitlock: Police brutality DOES exist...but it’s NOT due to racism

This Mayor is an idiot: Kerik reacts to Minnesota chaos

Graham: Biden has opened the door to another 9/11

Mark Levin: Joe Biden is a Serial LIAR

An Earth-Directed Stealthy Storm Launches as Activity Bumps Up | Solar S...

House Republicans Take Turns Blasting Biden for Mishandling of the Border

‘I CANNOT stay silent’: POWERFUL letter exposes the REAL pandemic our ki...

"TASER TASER TASER": How a Police Officer Shot a Man She Meant to Merely...

ADVICE | A Big Family Homestead VLOG

Newt Gingrich: There's a war on cops nobody wants to talk about

Sen. Cruz: Biden’s ‘infrastructure’ plan has only FIVE PERCENT devoted t...

Tucker: Who's really in charge?

Charity loves company in the League of Extraordinary Adirondack Gentleman

Police Shootings

That's racist too: Biden zeroes in on your property rights

Protecting religious freedoms during the pandemic

Rashida Tlaib CALLED OUT by Rand Paul over policing comments

Why You Need an Area Study... AND HOW TO DO ONE

Dagen torches Biden’s green 'high paying jobs' killing agenda

Dr. Fauci warns against these activities even after being vaccinated

Global Wars and a weakened America. How does that play out?

Why War with Russia/China Will Also Be Fought Here at Home

Iran Is Closer Than Ever To A Nuclear Weapon

Gingrich: Fed’s printing paper policy is ‘largest experiment in cheapeni...

Gen. Keane: China sending message to Biden admin with Taiwan incursion

SHOCKING video shows Canadian police ARRESTING reporters

NO comparison between REAL Jim Crow laws & Georgia voting bill

Are you nervous yet?

We are Being TAGGED - Porch Time 2021

Tulsi Gabbard issues warning about potential war with Russia

Newt Gingrich: This is a very dangerous time for the country

Epoch Times Press Attacked by Hammer-Wielding Intruders; Likely Communis...

This WILL impact you and your family | Gordon Chang

Communist China’s allies in America | Chris Salcedo

Walker Slams 'The Media Itself' as a 'Core' Threat to American Discourse...

Did They Have Germs Back Then? - Spanish Military Hospital 1784

The Chinese Communist Party Declared “WAR" On The U.S. | Expert On China...

Stop ignoring TRUTH: How a family tragedy reminded Glenn of THIS importa...

This ONE skill may save your Life!

Apothecary - Medicine in the 1700s

Historical Cycles: Mathematical Models & the End of the American Empire

It just got crazier....US on a downhill path.

‘Just like China’: Police at Canadian church force Christians UNDERGROUND

Road to Tyranny: Start by Eliminating Checks on Executive Power

'I've NEVER seen something like this': CEO meeting PROVES The Great Rese...

April 2020 Garden Plans & Preps

Chaos is Coming - Get Ready!

Peer Pressure from Our Robot Overlords: Study Shows Droids Can Inspire R...

Clues from the Mural Mystery: Understanding the Black Death That's Killi...

How to Pronounce HERB

Magnetic Rotation and Tilt of Earth, Electric Forcing | S0 News Apr.12.2021

Trump cemented relationship between working-class Americans, GOP party: ...

Trump predicts GOP will retake Congress, White House

Veritas - Great is Thy Faithfulness (Official Music Video)

Tucker talks class in the US with 'Hillbilly Elegy' author

Watch Ruth Bader Ginsburg oppose court packing in past interview | Flash...

Biblical Singing in Worship

Nearer, My God, to Thee

Be Thou My Vision | BYU Noteworthy (feat. Keith Goodrich, violin)

In Christ Alone | BYU Vocal Point

The Anti-Gun Crowd Is Focusing on the Wrong Weapon | Phil Robertson

DeSantis 2024? | FOTM | Huckabee

Early Warning Show

Gen. Keane criticizes Biden's defense spending: China not cutting milita...

United State of WOKENESS | Grant Stinchfield

HRT RAC Plate Carrier

Saturday Morning work with son and grandson...John Deere 2520 and titan ...

A new garden project

"Out! Out! Psychopaths! Unbelievable!" [Bill Whittle MB2A Week in Review]

We'll See You There!

Stop thinking short term... plan for your grandchildren

Tucker gives some tips to CNN

Tucker: It's hard to believe this is happening in America

John Kerry 'confident' he can work with China on climate change; Steyn r...

Supreme Court Justice gives big warning against court packing

EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrants Are ‘Renting’ Kids to Cross the Border, Ex...

Woke 'DIGITAL DOLLARS' are coming to replace US dollar as world's reserv...

No Toilet Paper? Now What?

The Democrat Saving Our Democracy And COVID Gets A DOWNGRADE | Breakdown...

On Violence and Killing

FARMERS FIGHT BACK: French, Croatians Protest Seed Law & Takeover of Food

ABSOLUTE SLAVERY: Zero Carbon Agenda Deconstructed

Globalists Agenda = Nullification = Rebellion

Mark Levin: "Jim Crow" Joe and the Democrats Are the REAL Racists

So your partner does not support your prepping.

Ships in the Harbor - Live In The Nutmeg Tavern!

Will vaccinated Americans still need mask regulations by Memorial Day?

Pop PREPPER QUIZ....Pass or fail...LIVE OR DIE

Pandemic Blowback: Eternal Destruction of Public Schools or a New Hope f...

THIS Is Essential For Cattle

Election Proof Puts Trump Back in Office – Mike Lindell

Election Fraud Proof Puts Trump Back in Office – Mike Lindell | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Prince Phillip dies at age 99

Ted Cruz: 'Fauci Has A Lot To Answer For'

- Going Back.pdf


Visiting and Learning Preparedness Roots

Cuomo-backed law could give undocumented immigrants $15K checks

No Joe, The Violence Epidemic is From YOU, not Law-abiding Gun Owners

Expect schools to be fully reopened come September 2021: CDC

Tucker torches Biden's pick to head ATF is an 'unhinged' man

Tucker: Every time they import a new voter they dilute citizens power

Am I crazy? I think I just might be.

How Biden’s Increased Corporate Tax Rate Will REALLY Affect Businesses |...

Ted Cruz reacts to Biden's 2A restrictions

Electronic Warfare

Cuomo tax plan, pandemic have NY businesses struggling to survive

Joe Biden Should Focus on His Personal Actions, Not His Executive Actions

Here’s why Biden & the left won't admit a border ‘CRISIS’

Vaccine safety update

Goodbye Homesteading

Another YouTube channel that I like. @The Prepared Homestead

Who should be allowed to vote?

No Joe, The Violence Epidemic is From YOU, not Law-abiding Gun Owners

THIS is how Biden’s increased corporate tax rate will REALLY affect busi...

Second Amendment under Fire! Waco 2.0 @NWA Prepper

Biden's Backdoor Funneling of Your Tax Dollars to Key Sponsor of Terror

Our new redneck chicken works but looks ugly.


Finally SPRING On The Homestead | A Big Family Homestead VLOG

Biden's $2.3 Trillion Question: Is 'Infrastructure' Now 'Whatever We Wan...

Biden makes Kamala Harris border point person, two weeks later she’s MIA

KT McFarland 'stunned' by Democrat hypocrisy on green energy

Trucker speaks out after stopping car chase involving murder suspect

Shocking video shows dangerous tent cities on school properties

Newt Gingrich: Greatest ally to China is teachers unions

DECEIVING AMERICA, it's their sick game | Grant Stinchfield

On your Left, Joe... | Greg Kelly

Tucker follows up on interview with Arkansas governor: He didn't tell th...

The majority of the 'press' are liars, says Chris Salcedo

Tucker sounds off on United Airlines latest 'gender, racial' quota

Tulsi Gabbard slams surveillance push by leadership as 'treacherous'

Hunter is Officially Under Federal Investigation; Says Laptop ‘Could’ Be...

SEED Potato PREP! Teaching My Sons 4

World Wars, Gun Control and More, Can we really survive all this?

Newt Gingrich - The Second Amendment

Oldest House in the Oldest City in the US

Progressive Fantasy: First They Came for Cookie Monster, Now It's the Ea...

Woke v. Awake: Delta CEO Slams Georgia Election Law | Pastor Ejects 'Ges...

Acts: The Gospel of the Holy Spirit (Part 103)

Ted Cruz: Biden cronies want to 'jack up' taxes on American families

Lindsey Graham hits back at Fauci's refusal to see the southern border

Most preppers will not survive...We are not super heroes.

Texas AG on Biden's border crisis

Are Conservatives as dedicated to saving America as Socialists are to de...

Crack Addicts and Gun Owners

MLB moves game from Georgia to a state that DOESN’T have much easier vot...

Exposing 'WOKE Culture' | Grant Stinchfield

How it started, how it's going | Greg Kelly

The Left tries to cancel Georgia and Florida | Rob Schmitt

'The world needs to wake up to this' | Gordon Chang

Former President Donald Trump joins Newsmax TV

Another Shipping Crisis Looming and this is in the US.


Ben Carson asks Dems to explain what's racist about Georgia voting law

Portland school reconsiders 'Evergreen Tree' mascot for THIS INSANE reason

Newt Gingrich slams Democrat voting bill as the 'Corrupt Politicians Act'

Cuomo to hit New Yorkers with $4.3B in tax hikes

ABSOLUTE SLAVERY: Zero Carbon Agenda Deconstructed

Small Herd Milking | Family Milk Cow | Surge Milker DeLaval | Hand Milking

Single Most IMPORTANT Thing You Could Do | Porch Time 2021

Barn Wood Stair Build Update | Voles have Moved In - Ugh

Most preppers will not survive...We are not super heroes.

Tucker: Americans deserve to know the real number of migrants here

Joe Manchin breaks with Biden on corporate tax rate increase

Kudlow: Biden economic policies will stunt growth, weaken the dollar

Biden used tax shelters to avoid paying taxes on $13M over 3 years

Will you fight or surrender to the 'woke mob' | Chris Salcedo

Why is the mainstream media asking Hunter Biden about his laptop NOW?!

MLB Left Georgia Right After Expanding China Deal; Trump Calls For Boyco...

'Absolutely Empowered The Drug Cartels': Texas GOP Reps. Call Out Biden ...

‘GET A WARRANT!’ Watch this pastor CHASE OUT intruding cops on Easter we...

Should We Fight - or Just Give Up?

City or country preppers must have items.

Corporations Strike Out for Woke Politics

Biden’s Empathy Is DESTROYING Lives | Rep Chuck Fleischmann | Huckabee

Food Preservation!! Here’s the equipment you need!

Did They Have Germs Back Then? - Spanish Military Hospital 1784

This the End of the Constitution?

EXPLAINED: Why the left's attacks against the Georgia voting bill are LIES

Hilton: Americans must 'unite,' 'fight back' against 'wokeism'

Homestead: A Little Bit Of Everything

Judge Jeanine:

 Judge Jeanine: Biden's border crisis
Video link:

Biblical Reflections by EEHealy - NOTES ON THIS AND THAT

The Abiding Word - ABIDING-WORD-REFLECTIONS-No40.pdf

Tony Coffey When Storms Come

Tony Coffey A Church for Everyone

Take the Opportunity | Tony Coffey

His people need to stick together. - a Bible Study

Why Isn’t Anyone Overturning Biden’s Executive Orders? | My 2 Cents | Hu...

I'm Not Waiting for Easter | Phil Robertson

Dropping Problem Trees And Life At The Cabin

Tucker: What will the 'Green New Deal reparations bill' do to the economy?

Potting Up Tomatoes | Easy Peasy Paper Pots | Greenhouse Update

She Keeps Replacing My Junk Food!

With a Sledgehammer: Bill Whittle De-Constructs the Progress Narrative M...

CBS News publishes article targeting Georgia over voting law

Campos-Duffy: Border tragedies will continue until Biden administration ...

Laura Ingraham slams Biden for endorsing boycott of US state