Arkansas, Mississippi take action against trans children rules and laws

What are their intentions? | Grant Stinchfield

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Hannity on Biden tax plan: 'Your bank account will suffer'

Kristi Noem vows to fight Biden admin's proposed vaccine passports

Kayleigh McEnany lashes out at Kamala Harris for dodging media

Nailed It!

Tucker: Canada sending COVID positive citizens to 'internment' facilities

Fossil fuel industry is being 'abandoned': Union worker on infrastructur...

Exclusive Leaked Video: Human Smugglers Drop Small Children from Border ...

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Inflation IS HERE. Here’s how to protect YOUR assets as dollar drops.

EXPLAINED: ESG scores are why EVERY corporation is going WOKE

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Suez Canal problem isn’t over. Here’s what to be stocking up on.

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WHO, Viral origins full report

Acts: The Gospel of the Holy Spirit (Part 102)

Battery Switch Replacement for the Box Truck

What IS MORINGA and What Does it Do / BENEFITS

12K and 100K Cycles Resetting, Spraying the Sky | S0 News Mar.31.2021

Migrant kids may get in-person classes before California students

Biden unveils first list of judicial nominees

Ted Cruz details 'caravans' of migrants at southern border

Dan Patrick slams AOC's latest immigration claims as 'idiotic'

No Project is Too Big When We Work Together!

 Mark Levin:
Biden securing his legacy by embracing Marxism
Video link:

Mom speaks out as migrants get in-person learning while American kids st...

WATCH: Veteran shows scars to prove patriotism

They are creating Hell on Earth | Chris Salcedo on Democrat-Socialists

Biden administration allows media into crowded border facility

A Naughty Church Lady

Tax Slaves

‘FORCES OF DARKNESS’: CA curriculum has students CHANTING to Aztec gods?

CV-19 Vaccine Warning – CV-19 Cure – Must Watch Videos | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Real News from Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog: Economic News and Breaking News Reports

CV-19 Vaccine Warning – CV-19 Cure Must Watch Videos

PayPal's announcement means cyptocurrency is 'less niche': SEC commissioner

'The Five' react to Democrats' call for $10T 'green spending plan'

WHAT IS HAPPENING in California Is Truly Absurd

YT censorship and what I’m doing about it.

THIS is why Dr. Fauci may be the ‘MOST DANGEROUS' bureaucrat in US history

Ted Cruz EXPOSES Biden Admin's Darkest Secrets on Border Crisis

Trump's next chapter | Joe Pinion

Texas Sheriff reacts to the chaos at the southern border

Biden pulls all the race and gun cards, a breakdown by Rob Carson

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FIRST LOOK INSIDE: Biden's border agents speak out about migrants, kids ...

Dangerous Days Ahead - Get Ready and Be Ready

Tools of the Trade - Townsends Wilderness Homestead - Hand Forged Hammer

'Infuriating' that Kamala Harris laughed off remote learning: Julie Band...

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Kudlow blasts Biden's $3T tax hike: It will 'absolutely decimate' economy

Are Democrats Trying To Overturn A Certified Election?! Here's What's Go...

Dispatch Intel Brief for 30 MAR 21

'Be aware': The Pentagon's target list for extremist infiltrators — right and left - POLITICO

Acting White: Is the American Success Formula Inherently Racist?

How Biden's new major tax plans could hit every taxpayer

Gen. Keane addresses US fears over China attack on Taiwan

Lindsey Graham on how border crisis will hurt tax paying Americans

Ben Carson warns this will have a 'devastating impact' on American society

Biden admin sending 'flood' of migrants into US communities

Garden and Other Updates Late March 2021

FOOD for Thought ~~ Porch Time 2021

Hannity: Joe Biden is putting American lives at risk

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Kemp hits back at the left threatening to boycott Georgia

Tucker investigates consequences of bail reform laws

Meadows rips infrastructure plan: It's a 'trojan horse' for progressive ...

Kudlow crushes Biden's tax hike: It will 'extinguish healthy jobs'

DISPATCH: Georgia, Minneapolis, Inflation Warning, "For Want of a Nail"

Video: Biden Staffer Blocks Ted Cruz From Taking Video at Border Facilit...

Border crisis FUNDING Mexican cartels with $180 MILLION?

Ron Johnson compares media blackout on border to Communist China

Passport or Freedom, you can only choose one!

Steve Hilton points out Dems' 'false' claim about Georgia election laws

Steve Hilton blasts 'unprecedented' Democratic push for 'vaccine passports'

Must have for the prepper or homestead...Reel Mower

Varney: There's a good reason to feel uneasy

Psaki: There Will Be "No Federal Mandate," Vaccine Passports "Will Be Dr...

Existential Threat to America - Cold War 2.0 is Happening Right Now

Huge corporation tells employees THESE phrases are offensive

Passport or Freedom, you can only choose one!

‘It's Rather Disgusting’: AZ Sheriff Details How Trump VS Biden Handled ...

Coffee With Bill March 29, 2021

About Silver and Copper for Making Colloids

Greenhouse Upgrade | Plant Nursery Build

Actual Malice: Federal Judge Silberman Says It Should Be Easier to Sue t...

The Great White Outdoors: ABC News Reveals 'People of Color' Crisis in O...

Bugging Out to public land.

Biden's Border Crisis Gets An Upgrade | Rep Devin Nunes | Huckabee

Claman on border crisis: Biden administration was supposed to be transpa...


Biden Staffer Tries To Block Cruz From Filming Migrant Facility

Study On Torah - Torah.pdf

Capital Celtic Network - IRISH - SCOTTISH - CELTIC - from Albany NY

The REAL Extremism Is NOT ‘Conservative’ | Benjamin Teitelbaum | The Gle...

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I’m So Sorry | Huckabee

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A Full Year Creating and Then Leaving an Off Grid Wilderness Homestead

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Beer in the Revolutionary War Days - Live From The Nutmeg Tavern Replay!

Judge Jeanine responds to Joy Behar's attacks

Tim Scott blasts Dems overuse of 'racist' to describe opponents' politics

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The ARROGANCE of the Left | Grant Stinchfield

GOP senators release 'shocking' new images from border; 'The Five' react

Ted Cruz gets emotional over border visit: We saw the Biden cages

Does Pelosi have the right to unseat a sitting member of Congress?

City Program Excludes White Families; Gives Low-Income Families of Color...

A huge ship is stuck in the Suez Canal What does it mean? Live stream to...

How a stuck ship and a New Strain connect to a global reset.

We can’t trust the leader of the Socialist-Democrat Party, or the press ...

Electric Earth Rotation Glitches Confirmed, Everything Connected | S0 Ne...

F-22 Raptor Pilot Ejects Himself from Air Force Over Racist Environment,...

BILL O’REILLY says Biden’s first press conference was “174 PERCENT LIES”

WH Task Force Doctor Says These 2 Lessons From COVID Lockdowns 'SHOCKED ME'

Surprise! Courts ARE Looking At The 2020 Election | Breakdown | Huckabee

Human traffickers 'taunt' CPB, Senators during border visit: Brandon Judd

Forward Observer Dispatch - 26 March 2021


This genius bill GUARANTEES federal gov. can’t infringe on 2nd Amendment...

Tucker: Did Dorsey admit Twitter's role in Capitol riot?

Devastation Births NEW TRADITIONS

The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 280

Can Danny ROPE the LOG? What a Difference a Day Makes!

Several Ways to Preserve Those Excess Eggs

Unknown Life Forms on ISS, 'Quantum Supremacy' Bias and the Maskless Tex...

Matthew 5:3-16

 Matthew 5:3-16 NASB

3 "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

4 "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

5 "Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.

6 "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

7 "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

8 "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

9 "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

10 "Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11 "Blessed are you when men cast insults at you, and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely, on account of Me.

12 "Rejoice, and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

13 "You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how will it be made salty again? It is good for nothing anymore, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.

14 "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.

15 "Nor do men light a lamp, and put it under the peck-measure, but on the lampstand; and it gives light to all who are in the house.

16 "Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

             Peace and Blessings to you and your family.
        Be Faithful - Be Safe - Be Prepared - Be Ready

You Will Own Nothing | A NECESSARY Knowledge | Big family Homestead

Psaki blasted for claiming she never heard about Hunter Biden report

Trump slams Fauci as a 'media creation' in exclusive interview

Trump gives exclusive reaction to Biden's first press conference

Is the left’s WITCH-HUNT against US troops causing dangerously low morale?

The God and Country Battle Plan

Are you ready for the clamp down?

Gun laws have FAILED us already | Rep. Lauren Boebert

Soft questions, softer Biden | Sean Spicer

Lt. Col. Allen West reacts to Biden's border crisis

This Trump-endorsed candidate was banned by Twitter

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Stuck at sea: Cargo ship wedged in Suez Canal causes traffic jam

Will THIS Work?

TIMELINE: How The Left Is Planting The Seeds That We Are DANGEROUS

Kids in cages?! Sen. Ted Cruz SOUNDS OFF on left’s border crisis HYPOCRISY

Janice Dean slams CNN as 'tone deaf' for defending latest Cuomo revelation

Biden snubs FOX News' Peter Doocy in first press conference

Global Shipping Crisis! Experts say worst case scenario!

Joe Biden Still in the Bunker: How Can We Tell if He's Actually Presiden...

Ted Cruz: Kamala Harris has left herself 'only one option' to handle bor...

Cuomo prioritized COVID-19 testing for relatives, influential people: Re...

Dan Patrick: Biden 'shaky' president taking a 'wrecking ball' to constit...

Newt Gingrich rips Biden over 'peaceful invasion' at border

Tucker: Michigan AG arrested guest after appearing on this show

Tucker: Democrats want to deny jobs based on race

Kudlow: Biden administration 'lost at sea' on immigration 'catastrophe'

Tucker Carlson makes big announcement

Greg Kelly: It's time we talked about her...

Dem-Socialists are responsible for increased mass shootings | Chris Salcedo

Cruz Rebukes Biden Gag Order on Media Accompanying GOP Senators to the B...

Biden taps VP Harris to lead border talks

Brian Kilmeade sounds off Biden's 'radical plot' to change America

Inside look at where migrant children are staying along border

Mayor of Texas border town PLEADS Biden for help: “We DON'T HAVE THE RES...

9th Court says you can’t carry a firearm.

Supreme Court Rejects Facebook Appeal in $15 Billion Lawsuit; Stimulus F...

CHANGE Just Saved Our Lives!

More lies from Biden...Please tell the truth

The Left Race To Paint a Narrative With the Boulder Shooting – Here Are ...

Glenn: The left is using LIES to destroy your 2nd Amendment rights

Food shortage, Beans, Dogs, n Sasquatch?

When the 24/7 News Barrage Leaves You Deeply Sad, How Do You Handle the ...

Acts: The Gospel of the Holy Spirit (Part 101)

Lara Trump makes big prediction ahead of Biden's first solo presser

Jim Jordan: Push for DC statehood about 'raw political power'

Lindsey Graham sounds off on 'national security disaster' at southern bo...

Wall Street warns Cuomo raising taxes would be 'devastating' for NY

Not Everyone Will Understand!

Tucker reacts to agencies being told to use term 'Biden-Harris Admin'

Second Amendment advocate joins Tucker to discuss Democrats' gun grab

Confusion reigns over Democrat's planned border crisis | Chris Salcedo

Sen. Kennedy: We don't need more gun control, we need more idiot control

Border Patrol Council VP says Biden admin removed policies that work

We have a huge problem in this country.

Here’s how the computer chip shortage could affect YOUR daily life

Ted Cruz rips Biden's border policies: 'Stop making the problem worse'

Mass Shootings, Distractions and Lots of Gun Control

Will Texas SUE Biden? | AG Ken Paxton | Huckabee

Dr. Ronny Jackson reacts to Biden's fall

BORDER BLACKOUT: Expert details WHO is entering and HOW

The Terrifying Brainwashing Campaign That Could Infiltrate America

The Border Crisis Is Exactly What the Left Wants | Stu Does America

Gov. Kristi Noem DEFENDS against claims she’s ‘CAVING’ to NCAA on Title IX

Tony Coffey A Church for Everyone

Ted Cruz OBLITERATES Push for Gun Control After Boulder Shooting

Economic problems multiply...Plastic shortage coming.

America: Prepare For The Gray Zone

Glenn: Stopping this bill 'REVERSES EVERYTHING’ the Civil Rights Movemen...

Former DHS Secretary On Why Media Response To Capitol Insurrection Was D...

Miami Beach mayor on spring break state of emergency

Biden proposing ‘undercover tax on just about everybody’: Wealth strategist

Gen. Jack Keane warns ‘wide open’ border a national security issue

Rick Scott explains why companies are fleeing New York for Florida

Can You Mix Different Vinegars?

Seeing the World Through a SCREEN | Porch Time 2021

Getting Ahead On The Homestead | A Big Family Homestead VLOG

Dan Patrick slams Harris' reaction to border crisis: It isn't a laughing...

Tucker Carlson presses Kristi Noem on why she vetoed transgender sports ...

Kilmeade accuses Democrats of using children as props for their agenda

Hannity slams Biden admin 'blocking any and all access' to border facili...

Ingraham: Biden confident press will cover for him every step of the way

Newt Gingrich takes swing at Psaki: She's a propaganda defender

Tucker: The country you grew up in teeters on its foundation

NY lawmaker accuses Cuomo of asking him to 'cover everything up'

New York Democrat slams Cuomo after release of new controversial remarks

Trump sounds off on Biden's policies in exclusive interview

Lara Trump previews 'free speech' social media platform run by Trump

New York legislators look to hammer businesses with new taxes

Children Packed in ‘Terrible Conditions’ at Biden's Border Facility: Lea...

Spicer: The border is SO bad, Democrats are attacking Democrats over it

Trump's DHS Secretary On Why Biden's White House Is Hesitant To Label Th...

Cuomo says 'I'm not going anywhere, darling'

KT McFarland: China used 'cancel culture woke quotes' to trash US

Doctor examines President Biden's mental decline

The Media Has Gone Far Beyond Propaganda | Huckabee

How to network with others/ Local Meeting Recap!

Swamp Expeditions in Early America

ICE is 'securing' hotel rooms for migrant families & they cost HOW MUCH?!

Biden Bows to Iran

Hegseth: Liberal media just revealed they're '100% in the tank' for Biden

Hiding edible plants around your house so they will not be taken by hung...

Vilified professor explains ‘FRIGHTENING’ critical race theory effects o...

CIVILITY: How to Change Someone's Day, and Save the Republic, with a Fli...

Gov. Ron DeSantis Takes on Big Tech, Says You Own Your Data...Not Google...



Maple Syrup How It REALLY Is Made with Big Family Homestead

Can Biden admin bring global allies into fold to stand tough on China?

2nd CME Erupts at Earth, Ozone Destruction, Deep Mantle | S0 News Mar.22...

VA teachers help create BLACKLIST of parents fighting critical race theory

Janice Dean on NY nursing home deaths: 'We want answers'

Johnson: Economy is 'ready to take off' as long as Dems 'don't snuff it ...

Iran threatened to attack DC base, kill Army general: Report

Trump could make a comeback on social media, but here's the twist

Seed Start Planting And Resources


God VS Washington DC

HOT TAKE: We Have The Vaccine Because Of Biden | My 2 Cents | Huckabee

Government is lying about inflation...Come with me to a lumber store.

Rep. Van Drew details threatening voicemail he received from freelance c...

Tactical Intelligence Course

The Plot in Congress to Destroy Conservative News - Sekulow TV

How to legally (for now) annoy a liberal.

Don't Quit After Your Shots: It May Cost Your Life

Jesse Watters: Biden's border crisis

Americans going to realize gap between 'fantasy world' of Biden: Gingrich

Before the Fall, CME Impact Forecast, Lyrids | S0 News Mar.21.2021

Useless media, what do you DO here..? | Benny Johnson

Malkin: The Left Wing has destroyed free speech

The ONLY Form Of Voter ID Democrats Will Accept | ICYMI | Huckabee

Is FL Gov. Ron DeSantis capable of winning over Trump voters in 2024?

Rare Cosmological Event | Advanced Catastrophism

How to organize and occupy a Assembly Area.

It is NOT too late!

Tighten your Team!

Why Bascom Fought For His Appalachian Mountain Music

International Update


Claudia Tenney: Cuomo will do anything to get out of impeachment

Fact Checking Biden’s Speech & REMOVING Gavin Newsom | FOTM | Huckabee

KT McFarland gives strong warning to Americans about China's plans

Biden considering flying migrants to northern US border for processing

Pete Hegseth torches Pentagon leadership for 'woke' Navy reading list

Federal judge gives blistering dissent taking aim at liberal media bias

Solar Storm, Big Quake, Volcano, Disaster Cycle | S0 News Mar.20.2021

When Evil Wins

Loving God