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Greg Hunter's Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.19.2021

Real News from Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog: Economic News and Breaking News Reports

Bill O’Reilly explains the US border crisis story the media is IGNORING

A Fast Wind Burst & Solar Flux Boost | Space Weather News 02.28.2021

Now is the time to work together. Live stream tonight at 8pm EST.

Trump Jr.: Biden's not a moderate, he's 'asinine' | CPAC

Pompeo: I'm staying in the fight; future VP run? | CPAC EXCLUSIVE

Hyperinflation! Are we headed down that path??

Judge Jeanine: Biden's gun grab

Excellent vaccine results, takes time

Gov. Kristi Noem torches Fauci during emotional CPAC speech | FULL

Don Jr.: My dad is still 100% the GOP's leader

Mike Pompeo: "We Were Willing to Challenge the Elites"

Forever Young from the Universal Music recording artists The Celtic Ten...

Song for Ireland

Dee and Mee 2

Isle of hope Isle of Tears - song by Brendan Graham

The Celtic Tenors for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland

Caledonia - celtic tenors and dervish in sligo

People died, the Cuomos laughed | Michelle Malkin

The Dirty Truth Behind The “Equality Act” | Huckabee

Matt Gaetz: Liz Cheney Would Be Unwelcomed at CPAC

Attacking a Fortress Island Across The Frozen Sea - The Kronstadt Rebell...


At Our Remote Alaska Cabin

Professor suspended over past tweets

Tulsi Gabbard Confronts SMEARS of Our Military & Conservatives | The Gle...

Changing My Direction

Sen. Rand Paul: It’s OBSCENE To Think a Child Can Choose Gender | The Gl...

Feelin' down? Get Up & At It!


Pro-Trump candidate to challenge anti-Trump Adam Kinzinger

Joe Concha slams media bias: CNN stands for 'Cuomo News Network'

Climate Change Fails to Make List of Top Democrat Fears, Edged Out by 12...


A Serious Concern About Grace - A Big Family Homestead VLOG

Hannity: Should Americans be concerned about who's really in charge?

Ingraham: Locking down the next election

21st Century Kearny Air Pump, KAP

Mulvaney: Dems will use ‘equity’ talking point to choose who gets govern...

Owner of iconic restaurant joins Tucker to discuss why he's fleeing NYC

Tucker: Experts scrambling to avoid humiliation for their pandemic response

Capital Celtic Network - IRISH - SCOTTISH - CELTIC - from Albany NY

House Passes ‘Equality Act’ to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex; ...

Stephen Miller: In four weeks Biden has created a humanitarian 'catastro...

McCarthy: Bipartisanship with Schumer, Pelosi is 'all gone'

Newsmax TV - YouTube

Democrats DON'T CARE About TRUMP, They're After YOU | FOTM | Huckabee

Jim Jordan: The anti-faith, anti-woman legislation

Rep. Cawthorn: "Socialism on the horizon..." | CPAC EXCLUSIVE

How Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill plays favorites

Letter to the Editor - 1957


Nothing has changed under the sun.
We are in a ageless battle between good and evil.
Look at this article in Letter to the editor.

The North Creek news enterprise., January 23, 1957, Page 3, Image 3

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Freedom Friday 2/26/21

Destroying The Biggest Lie

Sen. Rand Paul on Rachel Levine: OBSCENE to think a child can choose gender

War with Russia?

Florida senator: Democrats are ‘hypocrites’ for reopening border shelters

Florida governor: COVID relief bill 'calculated’ to benefit failing blue...

Beaufort Gyre, Oceans in Trouble, New Comet | S0 News Feb.26.2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis: Florida an ‘Oasis of Freedom’

Chip Roy EXPOSES the Radical Equality Act Bill Passed By the U.S. House

Crazy Years: Pre-Pubescent Sex Change and TikTok Kicks Out PhD Woman's K...


Hannity: Democrats' COVID relief bill Pelosi-Schumer 'payoff'

Glenn Greenwald slams the left's 'attack' on due process

Mark Meadows: Biden's not following the science, he's following the money

Chek News: BC COVID-19 Vaccine program adds more Healthcare Professional...

The Way to a Woman’s Heart: Atypical Warning Signs and Lesser Known Risk...

Tucker: Who is Liz Cheney and what does she stand for?

Ingraham: World leaders must challenge China, boycott Beijing Olympics

Sen Paul Demands Answers from Transgender Biden HHS Nominee

Tango Delta: Perseverance Picks Martian Landing Zone, Nails It, Sends Ho...

Dems are now the 'Ministry of Truth' | Rob Schmitt

Texas Rep. calls Biden's behavior 'unexceptable'

Rand Paul tears apart Dems' spending bill and relief plan

President Biden stutters through "graphic" speech: Dick Morris

Democrats can't relate to hard-working Americans | Rep. Mike Kelly

Democrats NEED TO Learn This Lesson From Venezuela | Breakdown | Huckabee

Dollar Crashing - Fed Reserve Crashing - Currency Reset

Kicking Zuck

COVID Travel Tips: Flying During Pandemic, Safety, Current Restrictions

Tony Coffey When Storms Come

Dan Crenshaw 'boils down' how the right can use government to battle far...

Glenn: These are the 2 WAYS reparations WILL happen under Democrats

AT&T 'proud' to partner with Chinese telecom giant controlled by communi...

Gov. Kristi Noem: New spending bill is a bailout for Biden 'cronies'

Ingraham: Establishment left has utter disdain for most Americans

Tucker: Democrats are importing migrants to expand voting base

Vaccines, excellent real world data

Democrats waging war on Newsmax took cash from cable providers: Newsmax ...

An awful, DANGEROUS joke... | Greg Kelly

Sen. Graham speaks out about McConnell, GOP's future

You Need To Learn These Skills to Survive the Collapse!

Is ‘Cancel Culture’ coming for your FINANCES & credit cards next?

Seed Starting Tips | Where I Buy My Seeds

Trump Reacts to Supreme Court Decision to Let Prosecutors Obtain His Tax...

Grandmother's GHOST Reminded Me I'm NOT Alone

Listen to Glenn's response when he was CANCELED by an art gallery

We Swear This is Yummy! - Surf & Turf From 200 Years Ago

Dershowitz on Dominion VS Lindell, Newsmax VS cancel culture

REACTION to Biden's 'radical agenda' | Grant Stinchfield

Democrats continue to milk the events of January | REACTION

"That Is an Outrageous, Vicious Lie!" - Dr. Scott Atlas DESTROYS Dr. Bir...

Lauren Boebert: Leftists Lay Down Young Women’s Rights at “Altar of Gend...

Rep. Lauren Boebert Triggers Democrats with Display of Firearms in Zoom ...

Coronavirus Update 123: COVID 19 Vaccines vs. Variants


Acts: The Gospel of the Holy Spirit (Part 97)

Tucker: Left's 'disinformation' campaign is destroying America

Hannity blasts media's 'polite coverage' on Biden's migrant facilities

Ingraham: Left targets civil liberties of conservatives

Hawley calls Pelosi's pick to lead Capitol review 'absolutely outrageous'

Gingrich on Capitol fence: I'm worried by the steady drift to 'totalitar...

Biden administration 'not reading the room' on gun control: Pavlich

GOP Rep. Zeldin encouraged to run for New York governor

Plant these NOW and get fruit THIS YEAR!

Unheated Greenhouse and the Polar Vortex.

The trouble with America's class system

Gas and Food Prices Going Up! Here’s how much food you need to grow!

How the Left attacking Clarence Thomas shows THEY are the REAL ‘fascists’

McConnell Fires Back at Democrats' Disappointing Disregard for Bipartisa...

NYU Survey Asks Students To Pick From...THIRTY Genders?!? | The Glenn Be...

THIS is why Democrats want Merrick Garland as US Attorney General

Biden's package: A LOT not to like | Marsha Blackburn

EXPOSED: John Kerry's Deep State Back Channel to Undermine Trump

Lieberman on John Kerry reportedly meeting with Iran: That shouldn't happen

Cuomo could face ‘obstruction of justice’ charge: Former DOJ official

NYU survey for students reveals there are...THIRTY genders?!

Enlightened Tyrants: Our Post-American Elites Trade Away Our Security to...

If PLANTS Could TALK? ~~ Porch Time 2021

US, learning from Zambia

Carrot Score and More This~N~That

Tucker: Biden economic policy could 'destroy' households

Pompeo reacts to report Biden team colluded with Iran to undermine Trump

Clarence Thomas issues 'big' warning about US elections

YouTube Takes Down New Trump Interview; Anti-White Racism At American Sc...

Republicans urge this Rep to challenge Cuomo for governor

Cuomo's actions could rise to criminality: Analysts

Sarah Sanders reveals the key reason she's running for governor

Who are they going after?

Lesko: Biden cares more about illegals than us

$30 billion for TRANSPORTATION? Here’s what’s inside the Democrats' new ...

Coca-Cola WHISTLEBLOWER reveals training on how to be 'LESS WHITE'

Why was this pastor ARRESTED for hosting church amid COVID lockdown?

10 Tips to go from Prepping to Self-Sufficient Homesteading

Mental Health and Wellness During a Pandemic - Dr.Yellowlees

Teen NAILS Biscuit Making! Teaching My Sons Episode 3

England plans for lifting restrictions

A Filament Slingshots Towards Earth | Solar Storm Forecast 02.22.2021

Perfect Plane: With New Engines, B-52 Stratofortress Could Remain in Ser...

OLD AND USELESS: How Gov. Andrew Cuomo Views People Like My Mom

Biden admin moves away from 'America First' Trump agenda

Mike Pompeo Joins the ACLJ as Senior Counsel for Global Affairs

Immune Boosting Tea Recipe


Biden's far-left agenda on full display in first month

Bill O’Reilly: ‘Slavery Reparations Commission’ is part of left’s plan t...

Snowmageddon, Recall Cuomo, Serving War Vets & MORE | Huckabee #177

Ted Cruz responds: The media hypocrisy

Biden VS girls sports | Michelle Malkin

Who’s More Delusional: ROMNEY Or Biden? | Huckabee

Trump: Twitter is boring now without me

'An attack on free speech': Parler's CEO speaks out

Chad Wolf: This can start a crisis

Dan Bongino torches Biden's 'America last' immigration policy

GOP Rep: AOC should have backed Cuomo investigation sooner

KT McFarland: Iran will have nuclear weapons if Biden reenters 2015 deal


Dr. Ben Carson's Prescription to Heal America | The Glenn Beck Podcast |...

Texas now has to deal with crazy high power bills because of the storm.

YouTube Takes Down New Trump Interview

Proverbs 22



Arctic ZUMBA | A Big Family Homestead VLOG

What A Friend We Have in Jesus

'BAD BEHAVIOR' Biden | Grant Stinchfield

Who's running the show? | Greg Kelly

Does Texas Sen. Ted Cruz deserve the Cancun criticism?

Exclusive: Trump's Attorney Gets Cancelled by Law School, Civil Rights L...

Coffee With Bill Feb 19, 2021

Republicans declare war on Trump supporters | Chris Salcedo

MSM Tears into Cruz Cancun Trip, Says Nothing of Cuomo Scandal | The New...

'Pushing Back Against The Left': Trump's OMB Director On New America-Fir...

Did Joe Biden Just Insult Minorities...AGAIN?!? | Pat Gray Unleashed

The UN wants THESE 6 policies from The Great Reset executed ASAP

Special Guest, Michael Dragoo! - Live In The Nutmeg Tavern!

Fox News' Janice Dean Sounds Off On Gov. Cuomo And His Nursing Home Fiasco

EXPLAINED: What is ERCOT & is it to blame for Texas power outages?

Freedom Friday 2/19/21 - Are all men really created equal?

The Fragile Generation: How We Created these Terrified, Joyless, Delicat...

Common-Sense vs. Constitution: Biden Gun Bill to Make America Safe for C...

White House offers to restart nuclear talks with Iran

At least 40 dead due to winter storm

Kevin Sorbo speaks out after Facebook removed his page


Homemade Chicken Scratch

Janice Dean: Cuomo has been 'bullying and threatening' for far too long

Ingraham: Biden prioritizes migrants over American citizens

Covid-19 Vaccine Questions ANSWERED: Part 2

ICE confirms detainees began receiving COVID vaccine while Americans wait

Cuomo's fight with Dem lawmakers allegedly involve political donations t...

Homan: Biden's immigration orders have made the entire country a 'sanctu...

Don't be a victim.

Ben Shapiro SLAMS MSM's Denial of Deplatforming Conservatives

Bill Gates, the Climate Hypocrite

Red Alert for the Food Supply! It’s worse than you Thought!!

Blagojevich sounds off on Cuomo, Pritzker

Winter Storm: A Prepping Case Study and Lessons Learned

These are your 2 options for when Critical Race Theory reaches YOUR work...

Mama's WARSHIN' Jeans n EGGS

Rep. Boebert Triggers Liberal MELTDOWN with Defense of 2nd Amendment

Glenn: How Rush Limbaugh was responsible for my radio career

'This is bigger than the NRA' | Wayne LaPierre

Tough times never last, Tough Texans do | Mattress Mack

BREAKING: FBI Investigating Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal

CNN bans Chris Cuomo from interviewing his brother

'We're Sick Of The Dishonesty': NYS Assemblyman Launches Petition To Imp...

Unmasking the OTHER Deadly Pandemic: What's Killing Our Kids | Glenn TV ...

EIGHT SHADES OF GREY: Take This College Prof's Test to Learn How Racist ...

No Good Choices: As Taliban Closes in, Should Biden Honor Deal to Pull O...

Glenn Beck remembers Rush Limbaugh: 'He was a great teacher'

Rep Zeldin reacts to FBI, US Attorney investigating Cuomo

Illiterate Revolutionaries: Chicago schools struggle as teachers push li...

My Favorite Produce to Grow

Just when you thought I could find more medical stuff


Hawley accuses Pelosi of using Capitol riot as an 'excuse to seize power'

Democrat lawmaker says Cuomo threatened to 'destroy' him in 'raging' call

Ron DeSantis: Media totally ignored how Cuomo handled nursing homes

Ingraham: Twitter's shameless hypocrisy

Tucker: Rush Limbaugh was a remarkable man who lived a life that mattered

Tucker Carlson expansion at Fox News

Stroke, blood clots are potential COVID-19 side effects |

Donald Trump speaks out about 'soft' Mitch, a 2024 run, Twitter ban, Cuo...

Parler Interim CEO: 'We'd Be Happy To Have Donald Trump On The Platform'

Janice Dean: Gov. Cuomo’s COVID LIES resulted in ‘one of the biggest tra...

Trump Says GOP Won’t Win With Mitch McConnell, Plans to Back MAGA Primar...

Dana Perino blasts Bill Gates: He needs to learn how to read the room

'The Five' give blistering reaction to Biden's CNN town hall

Lighthizer: 'No reason in the world' for Biden to change US, China trade...

Kudlow: Biden admin gloating about vaccine plan they inherited from Trump

Biden flip-flops on schools, China | REPORT

Taking winter prepping and survival serious!

'Cover-Up Could Be Worse Than The Crime': DCNF Reporter Explains Gov. Cu...

WATCH: Biden skirts genocide in China by blaming cultural differences

Trump releases statement on the late Rush Limbaugh

Andrew Cuomo threatens to 'destroy' an Assemblyman, per report

Fast Food In History - Meatball Slider, Ancestor To The Burger?

Before and After Rush

EDC Update 2021


'Egregious': Investigative Reporter On Kamala Harris' Involvement Bailin...

Tom Brady's Most Memorable Super Bowl Pass: Should He Apologize for Boat...

Megyn Kelly: TRAGIC story provides ‘tangible’ proof of the left’s DESTRU...

Acts: The Gospel of the Holy Spirit (Part 96)



Seed Start Indoors Now for Your Spring Garden The RIGHT Way

This state could become a Second Amendment sanctuary

Gidley: Kamala Harris' ‘false’ vaccine claim is a 'slap in the face'

After All This Waiting... We WEREN'T Expecting THIS!

Trump releases scathing statement about Mitch McConnell | Corey Lewandow...

Greg Kelly tears into New York's Cuomo

Greg reads the full Trump McConnell letter | Newsmax TV

Cawthorn: Dems have nothing left after this

School asks parents to "check their whiteness"

Hannity presses Gov. Abbott on ongoing Texas blackouts

'The Five' slam new 'green energy' plans as wind turbines fail in Texas

Watching Cuomo's political career crater is 'stunning': 'The Five'

Tucker: Corrupt mainstream media takes lying to Olympic levels

Kristi Noem takes on Bill Gates' latest environmental demands

Record cold, Food Lines, Power Outages - How Prepared are You?

Jason Smith: Only Nine Percent of COVID Package Goes to Vaccinations

Newsmax host gets into it with writer over Pelosi's knowledge of Jan 6th

Parler Interim CEO on return: ‘This was a political HIT JOB’

Janice Dean on the winter storm crippling Texas' power grid

Grading the WOKE Left | Brian Darling on Newsmax TV

Could Cuomo be removed? Former Governor reacts

Energy expert: Texas power blackout partly due to ‘UNRELIABLE’ wind energy

Illegal Immigrants DEMAND Free Health Care After Falling Off Border Wall...

Reporter Gets Under Press Sec.'s Skin When He Actually Asks Tough Questions

In Athens, rare snow blankets Acropolis, halts vaccinations

What did Pelosi know about Capitol security before the riot?

Alyssa Farah slams Harris for 'false' claims about Trump's vaccine plan

More than 5 million people with out power from the storms.


Revealed: The James Comey Smoking Gun


The left’s latest RADICAL moves include searching US military for ‘extre...

Gov. DeSantis Drops a NUKE on Teachers Unions as Libs Have Total Meltdown